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STONE OF GABRIEL by Gary Pattillo

Reaching for a curiously shaped stone in a southern California riverbed, Kurt, a motherless 13-year old out on a father-son bonding camp trip, feels a pulsing tremor of energy. Confused, he shares this oddly colored rock with his two friends, both who touch it briefly and throw it away in cries of pain. Unsure what to do, the three boys agree to keep this strange phenomenon a secret.

After bringing the stone back home, he senses he's being followed, possibly by a lone detective. To add to his unease, the city of San Diego is besieged by what seems like a disturbing and violent serial killer, one who leaves distinctive clues, as if he (or it) is itching to get caught.

When he finally makes contact with Steve Bailey, an unflinching detective with a disturbing past, Kurt uncovers his own startling heritage of power, danger, and ultimately justice.

In this unnerving urban thriller, the creators have reunited with their demons, and humans with inherited, but unwieldy gifts, may be the only barrier between survival and destruction

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Book Author Gary Pattillo

About the Author

Thriller newcomer, Gary Pattillo graduated from SDSU with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration. After being a bit of a dilettante in careers ranging from convenience store manager to beer market specialist to insurance sales, Gary found his true talent writing crime fiction. In addition to writing fantasy urban thrillers, Gary's artistic pursuits include charcoal and pencil drawing.

He lives in Southern California with his wife where together they have multiple children who fill his heart, and one (so far) grandchild in Canada. Being admitted to Mensa at the age of thirty-seven was one of his glowing milestones in life. He gives credit to God for everything he has, everything he is, and everything that he does.